1. Make sure you have what clothes you want to bring clean and ironed. (No tooth paste stains!).

2. Clothes - choose tops that have varying neck lines, colours and styles.

Girls, A scoop top is always a good choice to show off the collar bones. Also, tops with slight detailing around the neckline and shoulders are also great (nothing too lacey). Bring a fitted black collared shirt or blouse too! V & high round neck "boy" T-shirts are not the best for female head shots, as they aren't that flattering. Also please consider bra colour choice when picking your tops. Think about your casting and what you want to achieve. Tip: Girls, bring some heels, it's good for the posture!

Boys, something with a lower neck line is great - a nice neck line can show off your physique - so bear this in mind! You can’t go wrong with a traditional collared shirt, black is a great choice. 

Round neck jumpers also work really well, grey is a great colour for most gents. Try to avoid chunky knits as this can make you look large. A checked / cowboy-esque shirt is very popular at the moment. Think about your casting and what you want to achieve. Think about TV, Stage and Film.

Boys & Girls: A leather jacket can make a plain head shot turn into a great TV style head shot, same with a denim jacket. Traditional black scoop (round) t-shirts are great for a standard "actor" look, check out the images in the middle of this page to see what people are wearing.

TIP: do bring something to make your eyes pop.

Blue & Green Eyes: Blue/Aqua/Green/Grey.

Brown Eyes: Green/Olive/Black/Cream/Maroon/red

Tip: THINK ABOUT YOUR CASTING! Do you want to look like a student or an established performer. Please bring more than just a black or white t-shirt!

Tip: do bring some contrasting looks, don't bring clothes that are all the same...

3. Come with faces clean and tidy eyebrows, gents take care of the monobrow if you have one! And also nostril hair, give it a trim.

3a. Gents, if you want to shave that is up to you and how you want to appear on your photo. We are able to stop half way through and shave. The shoot is outdoors but a friendly restaurant allows me/clients to use their restroom for shaving. There is no power in the room so it would be wet shave or battery powered shavers/razors only.

3c. Ladies, keep the make up light, bright, neutral and minimal, it's better to add more later if needed. If you want to wear lipstick make it nude, not bright red (but please do bring a few shades with you) and also keep mascara and blusher to a minimum, try to avoid heavy liner and wings. You may feel like your not wearing enough, but it is better to come natural and add more later. 

3d. Boys and Girls: its a good idea to bring chapstick, lip gloss or vaseline for dry lips. Tip, if you do have dry lips try a scrub made of just sugar and a little bit water around 2 days before a shoot. (google sugar lip scrub)

4. If you have spots do not panic, cover it with light concealer, [that means not very much], i'd rather you didn't compensate with too much make up as the skin can end up looking fake. It is very easy for me to retouch any blemishes out of the photo. Again, don't panic, we all get them! Gents: Please do not wear foundation or too much make up, i'd rather you wear none and lightly concealed. 

5. If you have facial piercings please take them out if you can. Ear studs are ok but no dangly Pat Butcher earrings. Tragus or nose piercings can usually be airbrushed out.

6. Please don’t come to photo shoot hung over or the morning after a night on drugs or even intoxicated. Why? It will show in your eyes. I’d rather you called and rescheduled but remember that this is YOUR shoot and you need to look your best, and you may lose your booking fee. Remember head shots are important! 

6a. During spring and summer months hayfever can be a huge problem for a lot of people (me included), if so please do take your antihistamines regularly, and if it is really bad consider rescheuling for an early morning appointment. If your medication makes you drowsy, or if you suffer really badly it may best considering to get your head shots done in Winter or late Autumn.

6b. The cold weather can be problematic in the winter, in extreme cases (minus temperatures) it may end up being better to reschedule the appointment, but i do advise bringing some gloves and coat and an extra layer or two just in case! The top 3rd of your body is on show only, so a vest is fine! 

7. If you wear glasses try not to wear them for an hour or so before the shoot to avoid the marks the clips leave on your nose. If you can, wear your contact lenses, but don’t wear coloured lenses!

8. Bring hair spray, clips and if you get shiny bring powder or face wipes.

9. Don’t get a facial, peel or eyebrow wax close to headshot day.

10. Try not to get your hair cut the same week as your head shots (if it goes wrong or you hate your hair cancelling an appointment may make you lose your booking fee), hair for boys also looks better the week after a cut once it is settled in. If your hair is coloured make sure your roots are done properly unless this is how you want your photo to look. Girls if you have naturally curly or big hair keep it natural (unless your agent wants you to have straightened hair), I am a massive fan of natural hair on girls it makes the photo look real! Remember the shoot is outdoors so there is no power to plug anything in to change your hair unless you bring battery/gas powered appliances. Also, bring serum if your hair is the kind to get fluffy or fly away!

11. Get plenty of sleep/rest the night before your shoot see point 6!

12. Relax!! It may be a chore to have head shots but it can be fun! I talk a lot! :-)

13. If you are sick, ill, etc please let me know as soon as possible, it is always better to reschedule and fight through a shoot ill!

14. Auditions. Thats why we are doing this. So if you do get an audition come through please let me know as soon as possible as you should go to that vs a head shot appointment. I am totally flexible when it comes to auditions. You may even get the job!!!

15. Talk to your agent. Do ask them what they want you to achieve from the shoot.


Bedford Street (which runs off Garrick Street). There is a Cafe Nero on Bedford Street (opposite TGI Friday). I will normally be sat inside with a cup of tea! 

The Post Code if you can’f find it is: WC2E 9HE. It takes about 3-4 minutes walk from Leicester Sq/Embankment and Charing Cross.

My Details: My number is 07545 262819 if you need me, or my email is darren@darren-bell.co.uk




Important Info: You must be over 18, if you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Style: Out door natural light unless you’ve booked a studio shoot.

When: The time you booked, try and bit a little bit early.

If you’re late: If you’re going to be late let me know, if you are more than 25 mins late the session may have to be cancelled.

Weather.. what if it rains or snows: The area is covered so it doesn’t matter too much if it is light rains. If in extreme cases of wind/snow/rain/grey/darkness/hurricanes then we may have to reschedule or postpone - it can happen mid shoot if the weather is really bad - that is the only downside with outdoor hear shots, but if we are beaten by the weather I will always reschedule at no financial penalty to yourself! If it is really cold, do bring gloves and a coat, or consider wearing extra layers. I don't take head shots after 5th December until the 7th January.

Prices & Payment: Unless agreed separately on email (or off an offer/agent or private) pricing is on my website. www,darren-bell.co.uk / offer rates do apply. 

If you have an agreed agency rate please confirm this on booking. Payment can be in paypal, cheque, cash or bank transfer. Payment must be cleared before proofs are sent out.

What you get: You get a set of proofs (approx 100-200) on a contact sheet. You get to choose 3 images that get retouched and provided in colour and black and white. Extra images are available at £25, see below re requesting extra files. You do not get large final copies of proofs or un-retouched images. 

If you cancel or need to reschedule please let me know as soon as possible. Your deposit will be used for your next shoot if rescheduled with 48 hours notice, if cancelled with in 48 hours notice you may need to rebook entirely. I would rather you got in touch than just not show up (it happens and it's not cool)... That being said, there may be a very rare occasions where I may need to move a shoot due to a magazine or a large theatre or TV assignment but you will get as much notice as I can possibly give to rearrange the shoot if this happens.

I am busy, so if you do need to rebook or reschedule there may be up to 8 weeks wait time for a new appointment.

Important information regarding files:

Due to the size of original raw camera files I will only keep your original unedited head shot files / contact sheet for approximately 4/6 months after the shoot. After this time there is no guarantee at all that I am able to retrieve or edit additional files, but I will keep your final edited / retouched files (your final 3 choices) for approximately 1 year. Your edited 10x8s will stay in your personal Dropbox indefinately as long as you don't delete them. If you delete them there may be a charge to retrieve them.

USAGE: It is important to note that you may only use your head shot for castings, casting announcements, websites such as spotlight, your own website, your agent website and printed in show programmes. You are NOT able to use your head shot on marketing material for commercial shows or commercial concerts without agreement, for the avoidance of doubt marketing material includes show posters.